Summer Supervision for Co. School Social Workers

School social workers,

It’s the end of the school year. You’re exhausted. Burned out.
You always see the immense need of your students and school community.
You’re desperate to not feel isolated as the lone social work voice in your school.

You don’t have to feel depleted – you can feel prepared, competent, and energized instead!

You deserve support from those who are truly invested in your development, success, and wellbeing.

Good supervision with someone who gets it can make all the difference.

Join Shannon Ott, MSW, and Bethany Raab, LCSW, ACS, for a career-changing group experience. 

You’ll be surrounded by your peers. Spend part of your summer with other school social workers as you up-level your skills, confidence, and impact.

You’ll learn from two Colorado social workers with a combined 32 years of experience working in schools and with children.

In the group, we’ll cover the most pressing topics for your success at school:
Special education assessments
Working with parents
Mental health and behavioral interventions
Gentle and safe discipline
Infusing equity and justice into your school

Spend your summer break sharpening your skills so you’re re-energized and ready to take control of your work this fall.

Early bird pricing ends 5/20/2022 – Registration closes 5/25/2022
CSSWA members get an additional $25 off

Link for more information and to schedule a registration call:


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