RSVP Required for Bill Signing Ceremony

Hi. We have just been notified by the Governor’s Office that, due to security interests, RSVPs ARE required for Friday’s signing ceremony.Please reply directly to me via this email by 5:00 tomorrow, Thursday, May 9th if you’d like to attend. Below is the information that we have just received from the Governor’s Office. Thanks. Heather

Congratulations on a successful legislative session! We are excited to be hosting signing ceremonies for bill sponsors around the state over the next few weeks.

Barring any unforeseen schedule changes related to the tragedy yesterday, we invite you to join us:

  • WHEN: Friday, May 10th @ 9:00am
  • WHERE: North Middle School, 12095 Montview Blvd, Aurora
    • HB19-1171: Expand Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Act (Michaelson Jenet – Fields/Priola) 
    • HB19-1017: Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade Social And Emotional Health Act (Michaelson Jenet – Fields)

RSVP:  Attendance is based on RSVP OnlyDue to security, it is important that we have an accurate RSVP list!  Please respond ASAP if you will be joining, and include the names of any stakeholders who plan to join you – only those on the RSVP list will be able to join the ceremony.We look forward to seeing you there!



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