December 2020 Member Update

Hello CSSWA members,

As we come to the close of an unprecedented and unpredictable year, the Colorado School Social Work Association Board would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your commitment and service to the children and families across our state. Our profession has stepped up to the plate to meet the mental health, safety, and basic needs of Colorado students. We have heard countless stories of school social workers being the reliable, empathetic, and resourceful people that parents, caregivers, students, administrators, and school staff have turned to during the greatest challenge in memorable history. Our gratitude for each of you is truly endless.

As we move into 2021 and start planning for the second half of this school year, the CSSWA Board would like to share some important updates with each of you.

  • First, we would like to announce that a new Board was formally elected in September. Please check out our Update Flyer to read more about each new Board member. We are excited and honored to represent you and to promote the visibility, viability, and value of our profession!
  • Second, we have three initiatives on which we will focus our work for 2021. As outlined in the attached Update Flyer, three new committees have been formed to address each initiative described below.
    • Member Outreach: We are committed to increasing and retaining CSSWA members of diverse demographics, including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, levels of experience, and backgrounds. We also hope to increase the representation of school social workers across regions of the state and across age and grade-levels served.
    • Legislative Advocacy: We are committed to discussing, reviewing, and promoting legislative priorities at the local, state, and national levels. Legislative advocacy efforts will be created to promote awareness and gain support for our profession.
    • Licensure: We are committed to serving as the go-to resource for school social workers regarding DORA and CDE licensure. We will advocate and work with stakeholders to consider alternative exam options as part of the CDE licensure process. As Colorado continues to see an influx in out-of-state transplants and new graduates from school social work programs, we hope to provide support to those navigating the Colorado licensure process.
  • Third, we have several leadership positions open! These include Regional Representatives, who will promote the unique needs and assets of each region of Colorado, and Committee Chairs, who will lead a team of CSSWA members in accomplishing the initiatives outlined above. 
  • Fourth, the Board will be hosting a full member virtual meeting on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 from 4:30 – 5:30 pm. All active members are invited and encouraged to attend.  Keep an eye out for an email with the Zoom registration link in the next few weeks. We want to hear your voice and meet each of you!

This next year will undoubtedly come with new challenges, ethical dilemmas, and opportunities for growth in our schools and in our communities. One thing is for certain: school social workers are uniquely qualified to meet these challenges head on. CSSWA will continue to support you in your work to strive for a more just, safe, and kind world for our students and their families. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We hope to see each of you on January 27th!

With warm regards and in solidarity,

Maria Huber

CSSWA President 

on behalf of the Board of the Colorado School Social Work Association



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