Contribute to our Blog. Open Call for Guest Posts.

Fellow school social workers:  We are an amazing group, you know that? The willingness to share ideas and resources is one of our best features. You can go on Facebook or Twitter, ask a question, and hundreds of people are there to engage.

However, information shared on social media alone rarely become cataloged in a way that others can find it.

We at CSSWA are working to build a collection of ideas, resources, and other useful content on our blog and we need your help!

Maybe you’ve thought about sharing your knowledge or work online before.  Maybe you’ve quickly decided against it because it looks like a lot of work, you’re not sure what to say, or because you simply have too much on your plate right now.

We get it!  But we also know that so many of you out there have these absolutely outstanding ideas and resources and are doing amazing work! We see it on Facebook and hear about it at our events.  And we would absolutely love to feature them here on CSSWA.

Writing up these ideas, resources, or case studies in a blog post is good for many reasons, such as:

  • It boosts your professional credibility, showcases your skills, and strengthens your online presence.
  • It shines a light on the creative work you’re doing to serve children.
  • It helps other people! Most professionals use the internet to do research for programs they are considering running, resources to support there practice, etc..
  • It supports your professional association by allowing us to categorize and store your ideas in our growing library of resources.

So this is an open call for guest posts of any nature related to school social work and school mental health.  We’re always looking for insightful and interesting content, and we’d especially love to highlight the work that our members and other schools mental health professionals are doing!

Have an idea for a post?  Get in touch.



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