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CSSWA is an organization of certified school social workers. The Colorado School Social Work Association exists to promote the visibility and viability of the School Social Work profession, promote professional excellence among school social workers in an effort to enhance the well being of students, families, and community within the educational system.

Cam Short-Camilli

Executive Director

Cam has been serving as the Executive Director of CSSWA since January of 2019.

Cam worked as a school social worker and Coordinator of Mental Health in the Cherry Creek School district for 32 years and retired in 2018.

Currently she is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work in the role of Field Liaison working with interns and supervisors and teaching an assessment class in the School Social Work Certificate program. 

Maria Huber


Maria is a school social worker at Goldrick Elementary in Denver Public Schools. 

 She serves on the leadership team of DPS’ Department of Social Work and Psychological Services.

Maria began her school social work career in Indianapolis Public Schools before relocating to Denver in 2018.

Liz Lindly

Past President

Liz has been serving in various roles on the CSSWA board since 2009.

In 2019 she relocated to Denver to work as a school social worker in Littleton Public Schools after working for 10 years in Thompson School District.

Sheri Olson

Vice President

Sheri is serving in her first term as CSSWA Vice President after contributing as a Board member of since 2016.

Sheri served as the Western Representative of the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) from 2015-2019. She has served as the SSWAA SEL Chairperson since 2019.

Prior to moving to Colorado, Sheri served as a Regional Representative on the Illinois Association of School Social Workers from 2009-2015.

Sheri currently is a SEL specialist in SD27J.

Rachel Fox Brown

Lead Committee Chair

Rachel began her career as a social worker in 2009. She started her career working in the Community Centered Board setting at Rocky Mountain Human Services as well as Carmel Community Living Corporation, supporting adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

In 2011, Rachel began working with Aurora Public Schools (APS) as a school social worker. In 2015, Rachel transitioned to a district role, supporting the Sources of Strength program at two APS high schools, while also fulfilling the Mental Health Team Support position. Currently, Rachel is a Team Support Coach with APS, providing professional supervision to first year and early career school social workers.

Dena Joslyn-Custer


Dena Joslyn-Custer is serving in her first term as CSSWA Treasure after contributing as an informal Board member for one year.

Dena began her career as a child protection caseworker in 1994. In 2001, Dena shifted to a position where she was the liaison between Arapahoe County Human Services and the Sheridan School District.

In 2005, Dena made the shift to become a school social worker. She worked as the only school social worker for 11 years at Aurora Central High School.

In the last four years, she has moved to the district level first as a Risk Response Coordinator and this year as the Mental Health & Counseling Coordinator. 

Camille Wolfe


Camille is serving in her first term as CSSWA Secretary. Previously held positions include Board Member and Metro Area Regional Representative.

Camille began her career as a community mental health case manager in Illinois in 2000.

In 2005, Camille began working for Aurora Public Schools as a school social worker then as an MTSS Community Partner.

For the last three years Camille has been a Behavior & Mental Health Consultant in Littleton Public Schools.

Jessie Caggiano

Northern Colorado Representative

Jessie began her career as a Social Worker in 2010 working in community mental health.

In 2016, Jessie began working for Greeley Evans Weld District 6 as a district-wide school social worker.

Jessie loves connecting with other school social workers and started the Northern Colorado School Social Work collaborative meetings in 2017.


Millie Hopgood

MSW Student Representative

Millie is a second-year student at the University of Denver concentrating in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Practice.

Prior to pursuing her MSW, Millie taught sexual health education to youth ages 12 to 24 years in Tulsa, OK.

This year she is interning with Littleton Public Schools at Littleton High School.


School Social Work

School Social Workers provide vital services to schools through assessment, counseling, conflict mediation and resiliency building, alternatives to violence and gangs, attendance monitoring, community referral and liaison work, child abuse reporting, school dropout and youth suicide prevention and intervention, crisis intervention and child and family advocacy.

These services are based in the Social Work perspective that looks for strengths and empowers others.

The CSSWA works to support the School Social Work profession and is working to bring these skills and services into ALL Colorado schools.

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